"Excellence in Restoration"

Mold Restoration

Often a hidden after-effect of water or structural damage is the appearance of mold. Left undiscovered or untreated, Mold growth can lead to destruction of flooring, walls and structure as well as environmental health. Efficient detection and treatment of mold is mandatory for complete restoration of the residence. In investigation and treating mold, Ideal Development Concepts works thoroughly and efficiently by:

  • Collecting air and surface samples
  • ACME Inspection
  • Analysis of Test Results
  • Containment of Affected Area(s)
  • Structural Drying
  • Remove/Replace walls, carpet, etc.
  • Structural Removal/Replacement
  • Air Cleaning and Drying
  • Contamination Disposal
  • Follow-up Testing
  • Clean/Replace HVAC System
  • Fungicide Treatment

Because of the health risks associated with Mold, it is essential that treatment be thorough and methodical. Ideal Development Concepts is currently certified in Mold Remediation by the Environmental Institute.